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Coderouge is a full-stack development, design and hosting company for apps and websites. We work on all sorts of projects, web-based or native, mobile or server.

Our Solutions

Web and App Development

Specializing in full-scale and full-stack software development, Coderouge can build your new website or app project for you from the ground up. We're well-versed in a variety of languages and technologies, from JavaScript to Python, Django to Ember, Phonegap to Bootstrap. Whether you need a website, mobile app, or desktop/server application, we can make your ideas come alive and look stunning.

Managed Hosting

With more than a decade of experience in Linux systems administration, Coderouge can put that expertise to use in hosting your infrastructure and managing your projects. We can host websites, email accounts, domains/DNS, chat services and much more, utilizing a global content delivery network and footprint of powerful servers. Keep your data available, secure and accessible from anywhere, no matter the size.


Sometimes even knowing where to start can be a daunting challenge. Coderouge can help you translate your tech challenges and objectives into a solid roadmap. Drawing from our extensive knowledge of individual technologies and strategies, your next large-scale project can be executed successfully and professionally.

Our Projects


CrashLink is a web application with both mobile (user-facing) and desktop (admin portal) components. The goal is to easily connect drivers to a local, independent and high-quality repair facility after an accident. Drivers can use the mobile app to upload accident scene information and photos to the closest shop automatically, and contact the shop to arrange scheduling. The shop can use the admin portal to handle requests, prepare estimates based on damage photos and help start the insurance claims process.


Initially delivered November 2013; project ongoing

Technologies Used

Python, JavaScript, Flask, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Phonegap

arkOS Connect

arkOS Connect is a group of back-end services made to facilitate the task of using arkOS personal servers on one's own hardware. It includes services for DNS/traffic tunnelling, mail proxies, secure offsite backups and domain/SSL registration. The back-end services are complete with a RESTful and comprehensive API made to withstand a large number of concurrent users at once. The project also includes a fluid admin interface for clients to manage their subscriptions, associated devices and to handle payments.


Begun November 2015; project ongoing

Technologies Used

Python, JavaScript, Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ember.JS

Coderouge has been a powerful contribution to our company and our client experience; providing complete work with excellence, timeliness and velocity.

Jeff Butler, Haury's Lake City Collision

Coderouge was responsive to our design requirements, delivered dynamic, high-quality websites... High regards for the work delivered, five stars for their services!

Karen McClelland, Regenerate2Profits

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